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"It was the best training I have ever had, total specific training in the areas in which I needed to improve on and the results were more than I could hope for."

Clayton Thomas (Hockey Player)

Virtual Hockey Training Foundations

The Virtual Hockey Training Program is built around four foundational pillars: Skill Development, Fitness Training Leadership Training and Holistic Wellbeing. Each of these components is intentionally designed to make a well-rounded, complete hockey player. Depending on what your current training program looks like, each aspect you see can be built individually for the player or complimentary to create an all-inclusive program.

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Andrew Hunt - Carleton University (U Sport)

What Is The Virtual Hockey Training Program?

In today's game, hockey players face a great deal of adversity. Whether you're going through the ranks in minor hockey, playing junior or you're striving to get a scholarship and make the jump to play professionally, there are challenges at all levels. Virtual Hockey is a way for players all over to world to develop their hockey skills, fitness, mindset and overall wellbeing in a virtual landscape. Meaning, no matter where you are or what your schedule is, we can accommodate to make your training plan work for you.

The coaches and trainers at Player Acceleration have a wealth of knowledge and experience to support the growth of hockey players at all levels. Player Acceleration coaches have worked with top-level athletes in hockey. They have trained minor, major, junior, professional and Olympic athletes. They have seen what it takes to move up in hockey and can equip you with the resources it takes to attain your goals.

What It Takes To Thrive In Hockey

Making the jump to the next level in hockey takes more than natural talent. Young talented players can often get stuck becoming complacent thinking natural talent is all they need. The truth is, it takes confidence, resilience and a lot of repetition to build the skills which will last long term.

No matter how good you get, you will face adversity. Players get cut, traded and released all the time. It can hurt, bad and can affect your confidence and motivation. It's in these moments when a player realizes who they really are and find out there's more to staying in the game than just skills and talent. These moments determine whether you get stuck in a setback or if you are able to turn your story around.

Hockey Development Happens From The Inside Out

Players who end up making it are the ones who develop a strong sense of perseverance. They commit to the path of growth and self-actualization. The best players seek out the best support team. They have coaches, trainers and mentors who have their best interests in mind and support their life beyond hockey.

You need to have a plan for your development but not any old training plan. Players must look at their training from a well-rounded perspective. They need to improve their hockey skills, enhance their fitness, and develop intangible assets like their leadership abilities and characteristics which allow them to bounce back while keeping balance in their life.

There are so many options when it comes to training. It can be hard to know where to start and can require a huge investment to play at a hockey academy or in certain specialized hockey programs. And you usually don't even get intimate one-on-one support in these programs.

Hockey Skills and Fitness Exercises

Customized Hockey Specific Training Programs

In the Player Acceleration Virtual Hockey Training Program, players get one-on-one attention with a customized program which is catered to their needs. They get in alignment with coaches and trainers who have their best interests in mind.

The Virtual Hockey Training Program offers the best training you can get to develop your hockey skills. You'll improve your shot, become a proficient puck handler and even work on your skating technique off the ice. This all helps you to be more effective on the ice, score more goals and create more opportunities for yourself.

As a player, you will get a fitness regime which enhances your ability to make an impact on the ice. You will become stronger and more explosive. You will get quicker with your foot speed and become more deceptive and agile in tricky situations. You will increase your flexibility and become more balanced while gaining an incredible sense of belief in yourself.

This all comes from an integrated training approach designed to instill confidence in you.

1-On-1 Hockey Skills And Fitness Training

Throughout your time in the Virtual Hockey Training Program, you will have frequent have 1-on-1 sessions with a coach. These sessions are designed to support you in your programs. In these sessions coaches thoroughly analyze your technique and make the adjustments required to challenge your skill and fitness.

The program is completely virtual and flexible so even if the world shuts down, you can still train, improve and continue with your development plan.

The Player Acceleration team is currently accepting applications to take part in the Virtual Hockey Training Program. Players are selected through the application process. Once a player's application has been approved, they will be invited via email or phone call to a 1-on-1 Acceleration Session with a coach. Parents are required and encouraged to be part of this session.

Below is more information on what you will experience in the Acceleration Session.

Approved Applications Get A Complimentary
1-On-1 Acceleration Session

Limited Spots Available

  • Speak with a professional coach giving you consultation on your hockey development
  • Gain massive clarity on where you see yourself in the future with hockey
  • Discover challenges and obstacles that may get in your way a create a clear plan of action to overcome them
  • See if it's a fit to join the Player Acceleration Virtual Hockey Training Program

Adam Nobes - Marian University (NCAA)

What You Get Inside Your Program

Two Players taking a faceoff
  • Virtual 1-On-1 Individualized Customized Training And Mentorship
  • Mobile App With 100+ Skills and Fitness Exercises
  • Group or 1-on-1 Coaching Calls On Zoom
  • Fitness Training
  • Skill Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Holistic Wellbeing Techniques
  • Nervous System Expansion

Players Are Accepted By Application Only

Hockey Skill Development

Hockey Slapshot

The game of hockey is all about skill. Younger generations of hockey players are becoming more brave and courageous, showcasing talent at the highest levels.

You need to be able to master both the fundamentals and expand your arsenal to new strides.

Inside the Virtual Hockey Training Program players acquire the opportunity to grow in an expansive way. They get the foundation skills of puck handling, puck protection, shooting and even simulated skating. Players will also be taught to analyze the game to improve their game sense and hockey IQ.

Once the base skillset is applied and tested by their coach, players then get the reigns to expand their creativity. This is done through 1-on-1 instructional training while granting the player the opportunity to add a creative spin on their fundamental skillset.

Hockey Skills Training Overview

Players get extensive Skills training, developing the following areas:

  • Overall Hockey Skill Development
  • Shot Power & Accuracy
  • Puck Protection
  • Stickhandling
  • Hockey Sense
  • Game Knowledge
  • Simulated Hockey Skating

Limited Spots Available

Hockey Specific Fitness Training

Players are faster, stronger and more explosive than ever before. To compete with the top you need to push yourself to lengths outside your comfort zone.

This is not possible unless you build a foundation for yourself. Any massive building or structure is built off a solid foundation. This same approach is taken with your training.

When someone enters the Player Acceleration Virtual Hockey Training Program, they go through an assessment where their coach will decipher both their strengths and weaknesses. Once these are established, players receive a customized hockey-specific fitness program catered to the individual.

The focus is to create a well-rounded player. This is done by replicating the movements and positions the body gets in games.

Player lunging

Hockey players need to be explosive, agile, quick, and strong while having incredible core stability, coordination and flexibility to prevent injury.

Players get phenomenal results with this sort of program because every individual and body is unique. When a player gets one-on-one attention, their evolution progresses at a rapid rate.

Fitness Training Overview

Players get a comprehensive hockey-specific fitness training program, focusing on the following areas:

  • Explosiveness & Power
  • Power & Agility
  • Core-stability
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Focus & Confidence

Mindset Training

Hockey Leader

Let's face it, hockey is a mental game. Experts say, at the highest levels hockey is 10% physical and 90% psychological. It is as important to train your mental and emotional fitness as it is to work on your physical fitness.

You can be the strongest player on the ice but if you are not in control of your mindset and emotions, you will be futile.

That's why inside the Player Acceleration Virtual Hockey Training Program, Leadership Development is at the center of the program. Players experience live group classes called an Acceleration Session where players can develop their leadership skills.

Everyone can be a leader. But it is a skill that becomes developed over time and requires mentorship.

This is done through proven training which has been used and created by the top coaches in the world. These methodologies address the core beliefs to create lasting change within players.

Players will experience specific exercises and experiences to embed new beliefs. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are created over time. Players will have the opportunity to go into the depths of who they are, and mine for the gems hidden within.

As leadership skills emerge it allows athletes to inspire and move other people on their team. These skills can be used both in hockey and in all areas of life.

It's an exciting journey of self-discovery which will move players forward faster than any skill or exercise. When these philosophies are coupled with the coaching and training provided in the program, players get accelerated and amplified results.

Acceleration Sessions Overview

Players receive mentorship focusing on personal growth in the following areas:

  • Mindset Training
  • Enhancing Beliefs
  • Emotional Inteligence
  • Character Development
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Self-Actualization
  • Expanding Creativity

Limited Spots Available

Holistic Wellbeing

Balance is essential in an athlete's life. The demands of hockey take a toll on the body and mentality of every player. If a player does not have a wellness routine or techniques to deal with the day-to-day stresses of life, stress will take over.

When stress takes over it is destructive to one's life. It will manifest in injury or sickness. Players need to know how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

This happens through nutrition and finding a routine with methods and techniques that will work for the individual.

Inside the Player Acceleration Virtual Hockey Training Program, players experience a range of useful methodologies in the Acceleration Sessions.

Ultimately these techniques lead players to a deeper connection to themselves. Players gain insights and an extensive understanding of how they can deal with pressure. These processes can be used in everyday life or in the midst of a high-pressure game.

Hockey Player on Mountain

Holistic Wellbeing Overview

Hockey Player On Outdoor Hockey Rink

Players enhance their overall well-being on and off the ice by habitually practicing the following areas:

  • Breath Work
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Wellness
  • Visualization & Meditation
  • Creative Flow Activation

"The years of experience and knowledge combined with technically efficient training methods have guided my physical fitness level to an all-time high.

Daren Calhoun (Hockey Player)

Your Coaches

Josh McEwan

Head Skills Coach & Program Coordinator

Josh McEwan has been coaching and supporting hundreds of hockey players with their development for nearly a decade. He has gained a wealth of experience coaching in one of the premier hockey academies in North America, becoming one of the top skating and skills coaches.

In his years of coaching, Josh has seen and assisted his players to reach the heights of junior, WHL, College/University and professional hockey. Josh gains deep fulfillment in helping hockey players grow and evolve to their fullest potential.

Jens Kieling

Head Fitness Trainer

Jens Kieling is a seasoned trainer who has worked with professional athletes from the Olympics, NHL, NBA and almost every level of hockey. Jens is a professional kinesiologist who takes a unique approach to put the body into situations which replicate the game of hockey.

His practice has expanded beyond hockey, introducing his clients to experience a journey of self-discovery. He uses a variety of holistic healing and performance techniques to bring the body back to its natural state of being. This stimulates an incredibly healthy way of growth, paving a way to true fulfillment in hockey and life.

1-On-1 Customized Mentorship

Hockey Trainer giving a fist pump

Hockey players are independently unique in their style, personality and the way they learn. There is no "one-size-fits-all" option when it comes to hockey training and development.

Inside the Virtual Hockey Training Program, players are treated as individuals and the coaches will recognize the players' distinct ways of learning.

Hockey is a team sport but your training doesn't have to be. Player Acceleration coaches get great fulfillment in working with players at this level and helping them grow.

  • Individualized training program catered to your schedule
  • 1-On-1 support with professional coaches and trainers
  • Unlimited support with your coaches

Players Are Accepted By Application Only

Approved Applications Get A Complimentary
1-On-1 Acceleration Session

Limited Spots Available

  • Speak with a professional coach giving you consultation on your hockey development
  • Gain massive clarity on where you see yourself in the future with hockey
  • Discover challenges and obstacles that may get in your way a create a clear plan of action to overcome them
  • See if it's a fit to join the Player Acceleration Virtual Hockey Training Program

"Our fitness improved through a weekly program custom-tailored to our needs. The changes in our health and fitness since then have been dramatic and continue to improve."

Jim Mckinnon