Player Acceleration is here to provide high-quality training, allowing hockey players to grow into their greatest selves regardless of their background or history. This is done through the unique approach of empowering players to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. In our many years of experience, we've seen hockey players can only reach their truest potential if they develop and grow from the inside out. Player Acceleration provides the resources to allow players to actualize this unique growth.

Inside the Virtual Hockey Academy, the Player Acceleration Camps and other hockey training available, players are given the leading-edge resources available to date. Players have the ability to work on their hockey skills, skating, fitness and most importantly, the innermost qualities such as emotional intelligence, leadership characteristic and critical on-the-spot problem solving, which create a successful human being.

There are four main foundations focused on within the Player Acceleration project:

Throughout this website, you will find resources which will upgrade your hockey development and stimulate a new level of growth for whatever level you are at.


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Josh McEwan

Program Director & Head Coach

Josh McEwan has been coaching and supporting hundreds of hockey players with their development for nearly a decade. With a unique down-to-earth, relatable style, Josh is able to connect with players on a level where they feel safe to reach outside of their comfort zone.

He has gained a wealth of experience coaching in one of the premier hockey academies in North America, becoming one of the top skating and skills coaches. Along with this, Josh has empowered hockey players at an international level through his camps and virtual training programs.

He is currently coaching in some of the top High-Performance programs in the Okanagan. In his years of coaching, Josh has seen and assisted his players to reach the heights of junior, WHL, College/University and professional hockey. Josh gains deep fulfillment in helping hockey players grow and evolve to their fullest potential.

Jens Kieling

Head Fitness Trainer

Jens Kieling is a seasoned trainer who has worked with professional athletes from the Olympics, NHL, NBA and almost every level of hockey. Jens is a professional kinesiologist who takes a unique approach to put the body into situations which replicate the game of hockey. He knows what it takes to get players to their next level and is committed to challenging hockey players to grow in a nurturing way.

His practice has expanded beyond hockey, introducing his clients to experience a journey of self-discovery. He uses a variety of holistic healing and performance techniques to bring the body back to its natural state of being. This stimulates an incredibly healthy way of growth, paving a way to true fulfillment in hockey and life.

Jens' years of experience as a hockey-specific personal trainer bring immense value to all players who experience the Player Acceleration project.


Hockey skills need to be broken down and isolated into several stages with specific points of focus which are essential to creating a really skilled hockey player. At Player Acceleration, the focus is on sharpening skills to maximize hockey development.

Every player has their strengths and weaknesses. Although you will always showcase in a game or try out what your strengths are, you must work on your weaknesses to make the jump to the next level.

Some of the hockey skills players develop inside the Virtual Hockey Academy, at the hockey camps and in other Player Acceleration projects are listed below.

  • Hockey Skating
  • Hockey Skills
  • Shot Power & Accuracy
  • Puck Protection
  • Stickhandling
  • Hockey Sense
  • Game Knowledge


Hockey training is growing and evolving every year. Gone are the days when you can go to the gym pick up weights and call that your "training". Now more than ever, players are required to have a hockey-specific training regiment. If they don't they will fall behind.

Hockey is such a unique sport and so are the muscles you use. You need to be explosive yet agile. You need to have coordination, flexibility and resilience to deal with the competitive intensity of the game. You must have proper self-care to fend off and prevent injuries that might come your way.

Hockey is not for the weak at heart and that's why inside the Player Acceleration projects, hockey players are equipped with what's required to evolve their game to compete with the best.

  • Explosiveness & Power
  • Power & Agility
  • Core-stability
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Focus & Confidence


Leaders are not born with the qualities they need to lead themselves and inspire others. Like any other skill, leadership is developed. This happens through the consistent and deliberate action of choosing to be a certain way. 

The pressures of life and society are overwhelming. We need to protect our minds and become strong emotionally to be able to deal with the outside world. Every year hockey players have a choice of who they want to be on their team. For every individual, this will look different because we are created unique but the more we get to know and understand ourselves, the greater the leader we can become.

Hockey needs more leaders and this comes through intention enhancement of the individual. Player Acceleration is specifically designed to influence the minds of hockey players to be outstanding. Some of the leadership skills learned inside the Virtual Hockey Academy, at the hockey camps and inside the other Player Acceleration projects are listed below.

Hockey Coaching leading
  • Mindset Training
  • Enhancing Beliefs
  • Emotional Inteligence
  • Character Development
  • Confidence Building
  • Self-Actualization
  • Expanding Creativity


Hockey players require balance in their life. The game is demanding, mentally, physically and emotionally. It can take a toll on most individuals. That's why it's incredibly important to include a wellness routine in your life. Being able to find balance and have tools and processes when things feel out of balance are vital for moving through difficult moments and coming out the other side stronger.

You will see hockey players of all ages and especially the pros embracing a well-being practice, yoga, meditation, visualization and other things which enhance their overall well-being.

This is essential to enhance the quality of anyone's life and especially in hockey. Mental health is becoming more openly talked about and we all need resources to support our path in life.

Player Acceleration includes a comprehensive, integrated approach to your development. Players are shown things they do and perspective to take one which create a lasting effect on their life. Some of these are included in the items listed below.

  • Breath Work
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Wellness
  • Visualization & Meditation
  • Creative Flow Activation
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Connection